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Edinburg, Texas
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We are determined to rid your home and business of pests and rodents for good. We are professionals in terminating all types of rodents and pests posing danger to your home, family and business. These pests are definitely not something you want to live with and are a great menace to your everyday life. Diseases are sometimes carried by these pests and can cause damage to your health and home.
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We are environmentally responsible, and committed to providing consumers with the highest level of professional service. We are the leader in pest management practices and have the strongest ethical business practices in the entire Rio Grande Valley! We use animal traps that are constructed of heavy
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Bees, Wasps, HornetsTicks
Our mission is to treat all customers and employees with uncompromising integrity, respect, courtesy and professionalism. We are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers and peers. We strive to protect the health and wellbeing of our community in the most environmentally responsible manner
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In 1950, William I. (Bill) Cohen, founded Pest Fog, Inc. His sons L.J. and Bill Cohen entered the business in the early 1970's, and have owned it since 1977. Fogging was leading edge technology at that time, hence the name. We have not fogged a house since the late '70's, but have continued to keep up
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The Young family has nearly 60 years of experience in the pest control industry. George Young gained experience and knowledge from nationally recognized pest control providers. He quickly learned that he could add more of a personal touch if he had his own business. George's sons David and Scott Young
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Bug Busters has been in successful operation for 19 years and we provide a full warranty for all of our pest control services. Termite pre-treatment is our specialty for all new residential and commercial buildings. We are certified and are the only authorized providers to use termite bait stations by
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There are many reasons to choose Asash Termite & Pest Control Co Inc to handle your pest problems. There's the fact that as a member of two leading industry organizations we remain constantly apprised of the latest developments in techniques and materials. There's the fact that we use the reliable and
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