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Your business depends on a pest-free environment. It's our mission to provide you with one. Z-Best Pest Control provides unique, customized commercial pest control plans to meet the special needs of businesses in the Dayton Ohio Metropolitan area. We pride ourselves on first learning to understand your business and its unique needs, and then designing a specialized pest control program to meet those needs. It is our goal to exceed your expectations and to be your exterminator for many years to come.

Whatever business you're in, we'll make it our business to provide a pest-free environment for you and your customers, using the most environmentally friendly pest pest control methods available, and in full conformance with all industry and government regulations pertinent to your business.
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Address 5381 Ferngrove Drive
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  • National Pest Management Association
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National Pest Management AssociationBetter Business Bureau
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There are many species of crickets, almost all of which are primarily nocturnal and prefer dark, secluded environments. Generally speaking, they only become a problem when they enter homes, often taking up residence under decks, in crawl spaces, and in basements. Treatment typically involves the use of sticky traps to rapidly reduce populations, and the use of interior and/or exterior insecticides or baits to maintain control. Granular baits containing boric acid are often very effective against crickets, but each situation is different.
Like sowbugs and pillbugs, centipedes and millipedes are not insects. There are many species of these creatures. Some require high moisture levels, but others are comfortable in dry areas. Most centipedes and millipedes are harmless, but a few species can inflict stings.
These are the common house ants which nest in woodwork, masonry, soil and rotted wood. They're omnivores who typically feed on sweets, meats, vegetables, honeydew and other insects. They usually are found in kitchens, around exterior doors and windows, on patios, and in other areas near sources of food and moisture.
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