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When Nature Calls Pest Control, Inc. is a small business that was started by Gerrod Walker in 2004 when he decided that he wanted to own and operate his own business. Gerrod had prepared unknowingly but thoroughly for this venture by means of his education in law enforcement at Western Illinois University, his time in the Navy Reserves and his work experience in various fields.

When Nature Calls Pest Control, Inc. offers high quality service and utilizes successful methods of integrated pest management (IPM) for solving customer issues with nuisance wildlife and other general pests like rodents and insects. WNCPCs application of IPM involves a balanced approach to each problem by seeking to protect the safety/health of clients and the integrity of their property while using control methods that have the least negative impact on the ecosystem and the creatures that inhabit it. For this reason, WNCPC is very careful to follow the guidelines laid out by the State regarding the management of wildlife and other pests.
  • Bats
  • Raccoons
  • Rodents
  • Squirrels
Contact Information
Phone Number (815) 601-7378
City Rockford, IL
Zip Code 61104
Address 1123 18th Avenue
Professional Associations and Certifications
  • National Pest Management Association
  • National Wildlife Control Operators Association
National Pest Management AssociationNational Wildlife Control Operators Association
Products and Services
Bat inspections are of paramount importance. Our inspections include accessing and investigating attic spaces for damage and signs of presence, taking digital photographs of the attic spaces and the entire exterior of the structure, walking through each room in the home to determine potential entry into the living spaces, entry points such as window a/c units or vents.
They are located throughout the State of Illinois. They are nocturnal animals foraging mostly at night. They are technically carnivores, but will also consume a wide variety of foods that are available during different times of the year. Reportedly, they will only den 1,200 feet from a permanent water source, making streams, rivers and lakes their primary habitat. In the forest they den in hollows of trees, along a fallen log or in rocky crevices. Being extremely adaptable, agile and creative creatures, they have learned to survive quite well in urban settings right alongside humans. They will often be found living in seldom-used fireplace chimneys, attics and other locations especially during the winter months. They are not nest makers and do not add nesting material to their den sites. They are very attracted to the warmth of homes that offer protection from the elements.
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