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Our mission is to provide the highest quality of pest eradication services available using the best principles of integrated pest management. Since 1980, we are locally owned and operated company. We are focused on offering solutions to general pest, wildlife and termite problems. All of PCA's senior field technicians are certified and five are licensed.
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Contact Information
Phone Number (704) 377-2847
City Charlotte, NC
Zip Code 28205
Address 4331 Monroe Road
Products and Services
Not commonly an indoors pest. Easily recognizable by their mound of soil. They have a very painful sting which may cause a pustule.
We provide this service for both our residential and our commercial customers. We can offer a custom solution for almost any type of wildlife problem, whether it be a squirrel running through your attic, a colony of bats living in a building or the destructive behavior of a raccoon. We have 3 wildlife damage control agents on staff, to help you with any wildlife issues you may have.
Knowing the tell-tale signs that indicate termites are in your home is one of the best protective measures against these wood destroying insects. As their name implies, they normally live underground, because of their need for moisture, but they emerge to forage for food in nearby wood and to seek new nesting sites. They are most prevalent in the Southeast, but have been found in every state except Alaska.
In our efforts to be environmentally friendly and keep your home pest free, we utilize many green procedures and techniques while still attaining the best results. A typical initial service begins with a thorough inspection to identify any current infestations or conditions conducive to pests. Next, we recommend any corrective measures or exclusion techniques. Preventative chemical applications are made to the exterior of your home to repel insect invaders and interior treatments are applied as needed to eradicate any spot infestations.
They are occasional pest inside homes. Easily recognized by their pinchers at the end of their abdomen. Primarily scavengers of dead animal and plant material.
Homeowner usually discovers infestation due to a "swarm"The reproductive stage. However this stage has no chewing mouthparts and is not an immediate concern. there are still worker termites in the walls or floors which are eating the wooden members.
Key People
Rick Seifert
34 years experience - Ohio State University, licensed and certified in 7 states, NC accredited WDIR inspector, SCDA and NCDA master termite technician, NCWRC-licensed wildlife damage control agent.
Rated Excellent (5 of 5) from 2 reviews
  Testimonial by Kristi
Tell Mike thank you so much for treating my parents' house. My dad complimented Mike on his professionalism and what a great guy he was. My dad is a man of few words and to hear him say those things was out of character for him. Lately I have become very sensitive when it comes to my parents and it just makes me feel good when people treat them well.
  Testimonial by Michelle
We were having an ant problem and had family coming for the weekend. I called at about 5 p.m. on a Friday and the serviceman came that evening on his way home. He treated and the ants were gone the next day.
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