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In-depth knowledge of bee behavior and bee biology is required to successfully remove bees. We began in 1992 as commercial beekeepers providing crop pollination services to farmers in Arizona and California. We also produced honey in the Arizona desert and the Flagstaff area. While keeping bees, we recognized the need for a professionally operated bee removal service in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Our goal is your complete satisfaction with our service to remove European and Africanized honey bees, and other flying insects.

We appreciate the value of honey bees as pollinators and as a generally beneficial insect. We also recognize that some of our customers have chemical sensitivities that will not allow the use of insecticides. For these reasons, we offer live bee removal and bee relocation service.
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Honey bees that have been present in any location for more than one or two weeks will have produced a significant amount of honeycomb and honey (hive materials). After extermination/removal of the bees, we always recommend the removal of hive materials, when practicable. This generally requires cutting open a wall or roof, cleaning out and disposing the hive materials, and site cleanup. An additional fee applies for removal of hive material.
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    The Beekeeper Total Bee Control Inc
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