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Your home is important to your family. Having an educated exterminator rid your home of pests means your family is safe from intrusive bugs and animals as well as the baits and poisons used to rid them. New technology in environmentally friendly pesticides, traps and baits have improved our exterminating service to make your home safe for your pets and children while allowing for more effective pest control than ever before. We understand the problem pests in this area, because we live here too. Keeping them out of your home is our number one priority.

A pest infestation can bring a business to a grinding halt. Whether you are a restaurant, warehouse, super market, or school, a pest problem can mean lost profit. We specialize in treating the source of the problem to cut it off at the root. Our technicians are very conscious of their environment as to not contaminate areas with pest products that may contain food, people, or animals. Even the cleanest buildings can have pest problems and by the time you notice it could be too late. Spotting a few pests typically means there is a much larger population developing someplace you cannot see.
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They are a large class of arthropods widely distributed throughout the world. Representatives of this group live in habitats which cover environmental extremes. Some species, "traveling" on wind currents, have been collected as high as 5,000 feet in the air. Wind-current travel is a major method of dispersal for some species.
Distribution of the red imported fire ant is primarily limited to the tier of states ranging from central Texas up the East Coast into North Carolina. They are often introduced into new locales, including northern states, through potted or balled shrubs and trees imported from infested areas.
The brown cockroach is primarily tropical in distribution. In the United States, this species is found mostly in the South, from Texas to Florida, but some sightings have been made in northern states such as Pennsylvania and Ohio.
The Western subterranean termite, Reticulitermes Hesperus, as its name implies, is found principally in the western part of North America, from British Columbia south to western Mexico and east to Idaho and New Mexico.
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