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Ant Pest Control Service by Universal The most common types of pest ants in Virginia are the odorous house ant, pavement ant, pharaoh ant, citronella ant, and ghost ants. The treatment for these ants is very similar. Another common pest ant is the carpenter ant-a serious threat to wooden structures.
Swarming Termites Why Termites Swarm The purpose of swarming is for termites to reproduce and create new colonies near food sources. Like ants, termites are very social creatures that thrive in a colony. Young termites develop wings in the springtime in order to disperse from their parent colonies in
If you have found evidence of termites, or if you just want to be positively sure that your home is termite-free, you can contact us for a free termite inspection at 310.844.0999 We use latest technology tools and techniques to ensure that your home is safe from termites. Our goal is not just to solve
100 dollars off a Termite Fumigation.
Military and Senior Discounts 10% off all work done.
As a courtesy to pest professionals we offer our services at half price. We are on the same team, and work together to eradicate bed bugs. We offer a efficient and cost effective solution to minimizing your man hours and use of chemicals.
10% off any inspection
10 percent off any bed bug inspection in NYC.
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