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Rated Excellent from 9 reviews
Excellent company of pest experts in the San Antonio region of Texas. One of the states ONLY Full-Service pest control companies, handling residential and commercial issues of all sorts.
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City San Antonio, TX
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Address 18408 FM 2252 Ste 4
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As termites and other wood-destroying insects are very common in the San Antonio area and throughout Texas, WDI reports are essential for determining the value of a structure. Before a buyer invests in a home or a lender finances the purchase, they hire professional home termite inspectors like us to protect their investment.
Over the years, we have served clients as follows:
Mortgage lenders Commercial banks Realtors Home buyers Home sellers Business owners Residential and commercial real estate investors
We ONLY use the top 4 GUARANTEED (EPA APPROVED) Products known to kill ALL species of bed bugs, without question.
We use a spray and a dust Dust will be used in places not recommended for a spray (electrical outlets, etc). Our dust will dehydrate and kill any bed bug that makes contact with it. We will remove the felt covering on all box springs (it is not needed for structural support, but a great hiding place for bed bugs) We will inspect and treat all couches, chairs, drapes and other hiding places. A typical home takes about 1 hour to treat
Commercial Pest Control is much different than residential and therefore requires a company with vast knowledge of the challenges that commercial facilities are faced with. For example: A church will have different needs than a warehouse. Our experience in all industries will serve you well.
Honey bees are not aggressive, however their counterpart the Africanized bee is extremely aggressive and often misidentification takes place. Hornets and wasps will not be aggressive unless they feel threatened. It's always best to call your local exterminator for proper identification and removal.
Rated Excellent (5 of 5) from 9 reviews
  Testimonial by Martina Sternberg
Great service great customer service professionalism and best of all. No bugs!!!!
  Testimonial by Alex Ander
Jay and his team are amazing! They're practically family now! So helpful and prompt! Usually early to appointments. If u need a little "clean up" between services they'll happily come out! Thanks guys! Keep up the good work!
  Testimonial by Karina Dyakova
These guys are great! Returned my phone call within 1/2 hour. Very informative. Came out the next day and took care of the problem. Professional and courteous. We have signed up for continued service.
Thanks guys!
  Testimonial by Myroslava Mandziy
Preston Pest Control is very knowledgeable about pest control. He works with you to ensure the best treatment plan for your pest control needs. He is very methodical and precise.
After a year of using his services, we are very happy with him and highly recommend his services.
  Testimonial by Semen Babushckin
Preston Pest Control is extremely knowledgeable. In fact, more so then any other "Pest Control" company I have ever worked with in 40 years. PPC has successfully kept pests out of both mine and my daughter's home for 17 years. Now my son has bought his first home and PPC will do the same for him. They are the best investment and insurance we've ever had to protect our homes and you should too.
  Testimonial by Sherrie S.
We were referred to Preston upon purchasing our new home a year ago. We have quarterly service and they do a great job. The only good bug is a dead bug and if/when I do see an insect, he is legs up. I had a snail problem after a lot of rain and their technician was great in applying special granules in the affected areas. It is always easy to schedule an appointment and they are always efficient to remind me when it is time to be treated. Polite technicians, easy pay options, return service if something is missed or noticed in between services, and reasonable rates. I highly recommend.
  Testimonial by Jenn S.
Wow!! I was in a huge bind and Preston Pest went over and beyond for me and I am forever grateful. I'm the listing agent on a house that needed a termite inspection done within a couple of hours to meet our deadline and they exceeded my expectation by a million!! They went to the house and had the report in my hand in less than an hour from my initial phone call. So friendly and so helpful with a great price!! They have my business for life and I will be telling all my fellow Agents of their top notch service. Thank you guys again!!!
  Testimonial by Rebecca F.
Preston Pest Control was the second company called to our residence to determine if we had a problem and the severity of our problem. They were prompt, honest, knowledgeable, kind, efficient and successful in eradicating the bed bugs. Our problem was not yet severe when we contacted this company, and we are thankful we called them so it did not become so.

Yes, we did a lot of research on line prior to contacting Preston Pest Control. We read about thermal treatments and trained certified K-9 dogs. There is a lot of good information on the internet; and there is also a lot of bad information on the internet about just about everything.

Don't waste your time and money trying to get rid of these parasites by following do it yourself instructions you find on the internet, or purchasing sprays at the store - you will only exacerbate the problem. While heat may kill bed bugs, once you learn the actual necessary temperatures and length of time required to maintain those temperatures, and the potential of resulting damage to construction, not to mention what has to be done to prepare for the thermal treatment, it just doesn't make good sense to go that route.

There are a lot of pest control companies out there; but there are not very many who are knowledgeable about bed bugs. Calling just any pest control company to eradicate a bed bug problem would be like contacting a chiropractor when you have a heart attack.

We highly recommend Preston Pest Control to anyone who has found a bed bug in their residence. They will be honest, thorough, and take care of your problem. While they are with you, they will educate you and give you some valuable tips on how you can prevent bringing another of these nuisances into your dwelling.

Our sincere thanks to Preston Pest Control.
  Testimonial by Melanie L.
I'm glad this was the first company I called. They came over a year ago and I haven't had to call them back. They were very friendly and knowledgable and flexible with scheduling. I highly recommend them!
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