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NaturePest of Doral
"I GUARANTEE YOU will get THE FINEST ECO FRIENDLY PEST CONTROL SERVICE WITH THE LEAST CONTAMINATION in the industry or you won't pay a penny. You will be 100% HAPPY with our service or i will refund you 100% of what you paid" Franklin Hernandez - CEO

My name is Franklin Hernandez. I'm the CEO here at NaturePest located in Miami and for 10 years I've been helping people just like YOU solve their pest problems safely without TOXIC chemicals. But don't take my word for it see what our customers are saying about us bellow.

If you are reading this right now its probably because you have a problem and you may have some concerns about hiring the right pest control company that can get rid of pests without contaminating your home with toxic chemicals.

If this is the case, then please keep reading because you've come to the right place. I,m going to tell you why you should consider calling NaturePest today.

Next to your family and pets, your home is next most valuable possession and you want to protect them all from pests such as roaches, bed bugs, ants, rats and mice, the diseases they spread and from harsh chemical sprays.

You want a professional pest control company that will SAFELY get rid of the problem FAST. You want to pay a FAIR PRICE and not a penny more. You want a GUARANTEE. You want to know that if a problem arises.... or you simply have a question.... the answer is only one call away.

If you agree so far, then all i ask is a chance to PROVE that i can provide YOU all of the things above plus a whole lot more.

Just pick up the phone and call me Frank at 786-222-7069 or email me at and find out why NaturePest is the pest control company people LOVE.

Thanks for reading this message i hope to hear form you soon.

Franklin Hernandez - CEO
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Miami, Hialieah, Miami Lakes, Ft Lauderdale, Homestead,
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Contact Person Franklin Hernandez
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Phone Number (786) 222-7069
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Address 10820 SW 200th Dr
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Since 2009 we have been providing the finest in environmentally responsible residential pest control prevention in Miami Florida with no contracts.

Pests are more than annoying most present a health risk, they invade your Miami home for many reason, harbourage, food and water are the basic needs of pest, removing them and keeping them out of your home in an environmentally responsible manner with a natural pest control process requires specialized knowledge that only an ( IPM ) Integrated Pest Management Practitioner can offer you.

NaturePest Natural Residential Pest Control Services remove and prevents pest infestation from your home through our natural IPM process along with naturally derived pesticides and natural targeted gels and baits with no toxic fumes or residues that can contaminate your food, air or living spaces.
from $55
Ants in and around homes and business in Miami and in South Florida are Common nuisance pests because they feed on and contaminate our food and infest our structures by nesting in wall voids and/or underneath kitchen sinks and other places.

They build unsightly mounds in our Florida lawns and other landscapes. Some ants are able to inflict painful bites and can have venomous stings. Ants do not attack or eat fabrics, leather or wood in houses. However, some ants in Miami can establish nests in decaying wood, trees and shrubs, including wood in human structures.

Several types of ants are found in or around houses in Miami Florida. Most common ants can be grouped as House Infesting Ants Yard Infesting Ants Carpenter Ants.

The most commonly encountered pest ants are Pharaoh Ants White footed Ants Argentine Ants Ghost Ants Pyramid Ants carpenter Ants Rover Ants Native fire Imported fire Crazy Ants Thief Ants Caribbean Crazy Ants Acrobat Ats Big-headed Ants
Protecting your brand, investments and the health of your customers, tenants and associates with a commercial pest control program is vital to maintaining quality service standards. As an innovative leader in IPM Integrated Pest Management In Miami our reputation is your guarantee. Providing industry compliant programs for LEED and Organic certified facilities with alternative products and procedures to traditional pesticide application programs that reduce costs while improving the quality of your services.
Rated Excellent (5 of 5) from 3 reviews
  Testimonial by Theo Carrasco
Тhis is an excellent company. Very professional and effective. Frank really takes the time to explain your pest problem and provide solutions to manage it. Very knowledgeable and much better than any of the big pest companies that apply a one size fits all approach to handling your problem. I highly recommend Frank and NaturePest!
  Testimonial by Ryan Boda
I am a new mom who lives in Miami Beach and I called Frank at 9am this morning with a serious concern that I found a bed bug. Frank called me back within the hour, and even though he does not service my area, he provided me with recommendations and offered to look at a picture of the bug I found. I texted him the picture and he identified it as a German Roach and proceeded to explain the best way to treat it and sent me a link to a very informative podcast so that I could ask (whatever company I do use) the right questions. I wish Frank did service my area because I would hire him in a second! He is very knowledgeable, informative, and helpful.
  Testimonial by Ester Rios
We Thank God for Frank and Nature Pest control!! We have been living with unwanted guest for much too long! Little pesky German roaches. They were relentless and embarrassing! Neighbors recommended a treatment, we tried it but it didn't work, we googled what to do and did that -didn't work! We self treated with the most expensive stuff we could buy at Home Depot and did everything recommended by google, but still had them everywhere. We gave up and called the professional, Frank came and treated once and told us all we should do ( Forget google Frank gave the advice worked!) It's just 1 week later and no more roaches, Frank will be back in 3 weeks for a second treatment and we can't wait because he might just get a hug!
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