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We offer our customers a variety of service plans to meet their individual needs. Each home has a different set of pest problems, this is why a customized service package is necessary to provide the most effective treatment with the least amount of pesticides being placed on your property. We use the least impact pesticides that produce effective results for each different situation.

Your safety will always be at the forefront of our pest management service. We start our service with detailed property inspection each time we are at your home or business. We remove wasps nests, spider webbing and similar harbourage and waste from eaves and the siding of your home. We employ as 'Green' of a pest control program as we determine will solve your problem. Thus mechanical removal/ control techniques, naturally occurring control products, or similar eco-friendly methods will be our primary consideration. If other controls are necessary to solve a problem you will be advised.

Our goal is to keep your home or business as pest free as possible while using Green and least impact pesticides. Most insect infestations originate from the outside and move indoors in search of food, water and shelter. With our Perimeter treatment we place a barrier around your home or business to keep pests from invading. Should a problem occur inside we will gladly evaluate the extent of the infestation and make suggestions and applications if necessary.
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Our "Green Solutions" programs are available to our customers who are concerned about the environment and pesticide selection. These programs require customer cooperation to be effective. Property modification is one way to reduce the amount of pesticides necessary on a property to control a pest population. The majority of these eco-friendly pesticides are derived from plant oils, dimatoms and sediment mined from the earth. With these naturally occurring substances we can be sure to offer one of the most environmentally friendly pest management services available. Our staff is in a continual state of training as new eco-friendly pesticides become available. With this training our employees have developed excellent problem-solving skills to put to use in any situation.
Millipedes like spiders are not insects but are close relatives. They have rounded bodies with 2 pairs of legs on most body segments. They move sluggishly and feed on decaying organic and vegetable matter. They frequently curl up into a ball when disturbed and vary in color from tan to dark brown. If found inside the home it is purely an accidental invasion. Millipedes do note bite and are not involved in any known disease transmissions.
They live and feed on dogs, cats and other animals, and will attack humans when deprived of their normal host. Eggs are laid on the host animal but soon drop to the floor. From the eggs hatch larvae, which are tiny and worm-like in appearance.
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