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MPE - Brooklyn Pest Control
Since a long time, BPCS, which is based in Brooklyn, have been able to revolutionize the pest control market, and we're proud to say that we do not have any serious competition. From a considerable period of time, only the best technicians, along with a head-on struggle to provide you with the best possible services at an affordable rate has only been our concern.

We're glad to say that we have met up with everyone of them. We have long list of satisfied Customers because of our excellent services in pest control, and also the affordable nature of our service.

Whether it's a 24 hour emergency callout, a one off visit or a long term maintenance contract MPE can provide the appropriate solutn ion. We deal with bed bugs, ants, mice, bees, fleas, termites, rats, squirrel and spiders. We also provide both commercial as well as residential pest control solutions.
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Phone Number (917) 688-4951
City Brooklyn, NY
Zip Code 11216
Address 621 Saint Marks Avenue
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  • American Mosquito Control Association
  • National Pest Management Association
  • National Wildlife Control Operators Association
  • New England Pest Management Association
  • Pest Control Operators of California
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • U.S. Green Building Council
American Mosquito Control AssociationNational Pest Management AssociationNational Wildlife Control Operators AssociationNew England Pest Management AssociationPest Control Operators of CaliforniaBetter Business BureauChamber of CommerceU.S. Green Building Council
Products and Services
Living in unhygienic conditions is the primary medium that is required for bedbugs to flourish. There are also people that are willing to live in unhygienic conditions while you travel, thereby becoming an active carrier of that particular pest. The basic necessity of bedbugs is blood, which they get from you.
Most of the people fear carpenter ants. They create nests, in the beams, floors, and the wooden walls, thereby ensuring the complete disintegration of that particular structure. If there is any presence of carpenter ants in your house, the first and foremost thing would be to give a call to NYC Exterminator. This is one of the biggest fears that most of the Carpenters have been creating a house. This pest must be removed as early as possible from your house.
Stinging and sharp pains period once you get the sting of a bee. This is considered one of the foremost pests that you shall find in your house, so getting rid of it should be your primary concern. Most of these insects are black-and-white, but there are also some yellow striations. Most of them would be found hanging in suspended Nests. It is important that they are gotten rid of at the earliest, as they can be very easily agitated and extremely aggressive.
The basic need for a family to live in normal circumstances is to remain pest-free. Having pests in your family house can be a very bad thing for you; it creates a whole lot of situations that you are not ready to encounter. There is a lot of damage that can occur to your facilities, and if left untreated, there is actually a very big problem in the form of infestation that can create havoc in your own house. You need to undertake the responsibility of taking the help from Brooklyn Exterminator.

We are very much tuned to the needs of general people, and providing affordable budgets to them, you have provided them with the need to eliminate each and every other facilities that can harbor a pest in their house. The different kinds of follow-up inspections as well as continued monitoring will be done by our expert technicians, and we can only help people to identify the best possible instances that can help control the infestation within the house.
Commercial properties is very hard to get by in Brooklyn, and to keep it in pristine condition can be very much fulfilling. With the help of My Private Exterminator services, you can get rid of any best for infestation that may be bothering your office or commercial space. We have always cater to the best possible industries, and we continue to dominate the market due to this particular aspect of our business.

We are always ready to help protect the health of your co-workers, and with the help of the environmental conscious chemicals, we have been able to create wonderful facets of hope that shall be glimmering onto the people. We have always believed to provide the best possible preventive measures that shall be undertaken to ensure that even the smallest problem does not turn out to be a mountain out of a mole hill. With the follow-up inspections as well as the continued monitoring that is to be provided by the best possible people in our business, Brooklyn Pest Control always strive to provide the best possible help to the people in need.
Rated Excellent (5 of 5) from 2 reviews
  Testimonial by Steve
Brooklyn, NY
Got rid of the Bed Bugs we had in my bedroom and overall it was a hassle-free experience. Definitely I recommend BPSC for Pest control services.
  Testimonial by Nathan
Brooklyn, NY
So helpful and friendly and did everything at a time which suited me. Mr. Gustavo was professional and I am happy with the his service that I got. Would recommend him to all my friends to use.
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