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Shreveport-based our company, has been owned and operated by the Martin family for over 40 years. The company was founded back in 1968 by Bill Martin. Bill was an industry veteran who started out with Orkin, but rose through the ranks in a very short period of time. Mr. Martin gained a reputation for turning around non-performing offices into more profitable districts. A short time after Orkin was purchased by the Rollins family, Mr. Martin decided to return home and go into business for himself.

Our philosophy is to provide the highest quality pest management services to our customers. Today, we are a second generation family-owned and operated business with a continuing tradition of industry leadership and skilled excellence. In keeping pace with our ever changing society, Martin has tried to re-align its objective with a more environmental- friendly approach. Our Pledge Of Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is wise; doing more than others think we should, and being committed to consistent quality in every facet of service we offer - to each and every customer.
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Contact Information
Phone Number (318) 631-7147
City Shreveport, LA
Zip Code 71106
Address 9434 Paxton Rd
Products and Services
Martin Services uses the most effective treatment solution available called Termidor. Termidor has become the number one treatment in American with over 2,000,000 homes treated since 2000. No other termite control system of any type has ever achieved such a high level of effectiveness.
We start first by eliminating any problems on the inside, completely. We then concentrate on the outside creating a barrier that effectively blocks the insects from entering your home, thereby reducing the need for pesticides to be applied on the interior of your home. And less pesticides on the inside is always better. Our Preventative Maintenance Program is simply reinforcing those outside protective barriers on a regular basis-keeping your home and family safe from pests. What we do on the exterior: We apply a long lasting residual insecticide to the potential exterior access points (where insects enter the home) including around windows, doors and eaves.
Our commercial specialist will design an effective and environmentally safe program unique to your facility. We use integrated pest management principles to prevent pest problems in and around your business while minimizing the impact to you, your employees and your customers. Our specialist will thoroughly survey your facility to determine the existing problem, and identify what types of control are necessary. They will work with your maintenance staff to incorporate mechanical exclusion techniques such as sealing cracks and crevices, caulking around pipes and fixtures, and closing openings in wall voids. In addition to baiting and trapping, we'll treat only where you need it.
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