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Rated Excellent from 9 reviews
If you have unwanted pests in your home or business, then you have come to the right place. Majestic Pest Control is one of the leading pest control companies on Long Island. We have one of the best training programs in the state. In addition to our training, our team has the latest cutting edge technologies to fight off any pest problems our customers face. We stand by our work and have one of the best warranties in the business.

We provide professional pest control services for a wide variety of pests, including ants, termites, rodents, and even bed bugs. If you suspect that you might have pest problems, then give us a call. we will be there when you need us-serving the Greater NYC & Long Island Area!
  • Ants
  • Bedbugs
  • Bees
  • Bugs
  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Flies
  • Mices
  • Mosquitoes
  • Rats
  • Rodents
  • Spiders
  • Yellowjackets
Highlights and Features
  • Pest Control Service
  • Ant extermination
  • Bed bug extermination
  • Cockroach extermination
  • Flea & mite extermination
  • Hornet & wasp extermination
  • Rodent extermination
  • Spider extermination
  • Bee extermination
  • Termite extermination
Areas Served
Melville, Huntington, Dix Hills
Contact Information
Contact Person Anthony Civello
E-mail Address
Phone Number (516) 783-7116
City Melville, NY
Zip Code 11747
Address 785 Walt Whitman Rd
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Products and Services
Spiders are considered a common invasive pest that can try to take over the darker and lesser-walked corners of any house, home, or place of business. Spider control can be challenging to achieve completely without a complete understanding of the species and behaviors of the spiders in and around a home or place of work. Call Majestic Pest Control today to take advantage of our extensive knowledge
Professionals like Majestic Pest Control know the best ways to eliminate pests like mosquitoes. We have the training and expertise to kill the mosquitoes with eco-friendly methods and keep the area pest-free. Our chemicals kill the mosquitoes but do not cause any harm to you or your family.
Termites are tiny insects that feed on cellulose, or the main ingredient of wood. They can create galleries underground and use mud tubes to enter your house through its foundations! Pest Control Solutions is here for all sorts of pesky creatures looking take over our homes!
There are various ways ranging from carpenter bee traps to beehive removal. A trap that works through a hole in an empty bottle, called the "cabinet," tricks bees into getting trapped and then you just have Majestic Pest Control come out for them!
In the food industry, a rodent infestation can be devastating. Restaurants are especially vulnerable since they rely on cleanliness and sanitation for their success; Majestic Pest Control has been keeping communities free of these pesky creatures for years!
Fleas, mites and chiggers are bugs that can be seen with the naked eye. The small size of these pests make them easy to overlook which makes it difficult for people who suffer from their bites; symptoms include raised skin bumps or pain/itching on one's body where they've been bitten by flea species
Hornets can be a little rounder and fatter than the common wasp, but they nest in much of same as other types. The difference with these insects is that their stingers don't come out when stinging so no one really dies from it - only feels pain similar to getting electrocuted!
Roaches are one of the most common pests that invades homes and businesses. They're not only pesky, but they can be downright dangerous if left unchecked by an exterminator! The best way to get rid of them is with professional help from professionals like us here at Majestic Pest Control.
The Majestic Pest Control team is ready to get your home free of ants. We'll find out where these pesky little creatures are coming into our buildings from (or through) then work hard at eliminating them all before making sure there won't ever be another ant problem again.
We know how serious a bed bug infestation can be, which is why we make sure our staff are well trained and enthusiastic about their work. They never stop at just removing the pests from your home or office -we provide you with information on ways that will help prevent them from returning!
Reviews and Testimonials
Rated Excellent (5 of 5) from 9 reviews
  Testimonial by Carla Riley
I have used Majestic Pest Control for over 5+ years on multiple properties, including single- and multi-family houses, and I have been consistently happy with their work. Their response is very quick and their service is thorough.

Both their office and field exterminators are knowledgeable, friendly, and eager to solve all pest-related problems. In all this time, they have never missed a regularly scheduled service, and they stand behind their work. I highly recommend Majestic for all pest control needs as well as tenting and subterranean termite treatment. Quite simply, they are the very best in Long Island!
  Testimonial by Florence Hall
I couldn't be happier with the service of Majestic Pest Control in Long Island. The field team is always on time and professional and self directed. The office/admin team is always responsive and efficient. I've used them for almost two years and do not have plans to change vendors/companies anytime soon! You won't regret giving them a chance.
  Testimonial by Eddie Scott
Majestic Pest Control came highly recommended by a family friend in Long Island. I'm glad we listened. I called in need of same day pest control! It was a emergency I felt I couldn't breath with amount of fruit flies in my house. I googled a couple places they weren't able to see me the "same day" Majestic Pest Control was willing to see me the same day the pest control person was here within two hours of my call. The exterminator was pleasant, professional and most importantly got rid of the problem. Problem solved same day and a 7 week check up and service! It was definitely worth it. This company is the best in town!!!
  Testimonial by Helen Robinson
I am so happy to recommend Majestic Pest Control in Long Island. Their treatments are safe for family and pets and yet very effective against all the common problems. Surprisingly the expenses is less than some of the well known Pest Control businesses near Massapequa and their technicians are superb, they are the best exterminators in town!
  Testimonial by D Notes
Great customer service! Excellent on site service!! Majestic Pest Control did an excellent job with sanitizing my business. Highly recommend Majestic Pest Control.
  Testimonial by Samantha Tomassi
I highly recommend this company to anyone with pest issues. I had an issue with ants, I called for service and they sent the technician Steven the next day. He was very knowledgeable and professional. Within a couple days, I no longer had an issue with ants.
  Excellent experience
by Clarice Davis
Apr 04, 2022
My experience with this company was excellent, after searching for an exterminator service many were to pricey or had no knowledge about how to eradicate my problem. When I found this company based on the reviews I called Majestic Pest Control. The tech was so informative and knowledgeable about my situation. He answered all my questions and the fact that he has been in this profession for 20+ years really made me feel he knew what to do. He also very professional, he encouraged me to ask him any questions I had. Majestic Pest Control is professional, honest and punctual. I highly recommend this company to treat any problem you may have.
I recommend this business
  Professional service!
by Don Lowe
Mar 03, 2022
I have been a customer of Majestic Pest Control for over 2 years. The reason I love them is because of their honesty and focus on the customer's needs. Case in point, I called about having a specific job done but I didn't know if they could actually do it. The exterminator drove an hour to come and listen to what I needed. He was an amazing employee and he was able to help me figure out what I really DID need. It's employees like him and my regular pest control man, at Majestic, that make this company my go to pest control company. They are customer focused and our needs are always put first.
I recommend this business
  Highly recommended
by Alex Matthews
Jan 27, 2022
The best pest control company near me in Long Island. I tried a few other companies that would come out to Plainview before I found out about Majestic Pest Control. Very friendly staff. I spoke with Steve he is very helpful and a great exterminator. I had rats under my porch he came in and inspected my house and the problem was resolved in no time!

I highly recommend Majestic Pest Control & will absolutely be using them again. I called 15 different places for quotes. The price is unbeatable.
I recommend this business
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