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We are committed to offering the most effective and efficient treatment to resolve all of your pest control issues. With over 15 years experience we are ready to tackle any issues ranging from bed bugs to termites and everything in between. Our company is founded on strong moral and ethical standards; Let us show you that "We are here to serve you! ".
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These insects include Indian Meal Moths, Grain beetles and weevils. These types of infestations can be controlled through treatment and source identification and removal. Let us inspect and design a treatment specifically tailored to your situation.
These nasty looking creatures will usually stay on the perimeter in the vegetation such as mulch beds or other decaying material. However, populations can make their way into the home in large number in some situations. Call Weir Pest Services to take care of these insects for you before the populations grow to large numbers.
They nest inside homes in cracks and crevices usually around moisture areas around bathrooms and pipes. Treatment of these areas by Weir Pest with residual materials can control these insects.
These insects will infest inside structures and are usually found near bathrooms and heavy insulated areas like attics or crawlspaces. They will feed on the paper of the insulation or drywall paper and need the humidity associated near the moisture areas to survive. These infestations can be difficult to control so let us design a program that fit your specific needs.
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