Are you looking for a pest exterminator in Valencia, CA?

Do you need a reliable company in Valencia, CA providing commercial and residential pest control and management services?
Valencia, California
We offer pest control services to homeowners in Los Angeles & LA County. If you are having problems with any pests including ants, termites, bed bugs, and rodents, be sure to give Vertex Pest Solutions a call for a free quote on our pest control services.
All our services are of the highest quality. Our technicians work hard and do a very thorough job to ensure your property is a no pest zone. We are totally dedicated to your complete satisfaction. Our guiding philosophy is to make you our customer for life! We have over 15 years experience in both residential and commercial pest control. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service without compromising quality.
Let us provide you with a quick response, comprehensive termite report for your escrow. Having performed thousands of inspection for the past 25 years, we know your neighborhood and will treat your customers with the care you would expect throughout the inspection. When you call us, you are contacting the most experienced pest control company in the entire Santa Clarita Valley.
Critter Busters Pest Control & Exterminating Services is a family owned pest control company. We specialize in gopher control and rodent management (rats & ground squirrels). We also humanely control nuisance wildlife such as raccoons, skunks and coyotes. We also solve other pest issues as well and always offer free quotes. Contact us today and let us solve your pest control issues today!
We offer state-of the art residential and commercial pest control services. Businesses of all sizes depend on us to provide quality services that eliminate pest and termite problems. A successful pest control service is crucial to your business running smoothly. Being family owned and operated, we have over 30 years of experience in the industry. We offer a premium service at a competitive rates.
Since 1998, our company has been providing quality services to Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura counties. Our highly trained technicians and inspectors have over 50 years experience in all areas of termite pest control. As a fully licensed provider of termite control services, we are committed to solving your problem in the most efficient way possible.
The company has been taking care of families, houses and properties in Southern California just like yours for over 5 years now. We have been keeping their homes completely free from any pest infestations or problems and we are focused on keeping it that way! Specializing in Integrated Pest Management, we incorporate inspection, sanitation, mechanical application and monitoring with the use of pesticides only as the last resort.
We specialize in termite and pest control services. With several years experience, we are familiar with the specific needs of Santa Clarita and Van Nuys as well as the surrounding areas. We use safe and effective methods to successfully remove unwanted pests such as termites, ants, spiders, bees, rodents, and cockroaches from your home or office.
With over 30 years experience providing high quality termite control in Los Angeles you know we can get the job done. Every one of our highly trained Termite Control Specialists are licensed, bonded and insured. We offer free inspections, to amazing termite control, to termite damage repair, we have you covered from A to Z. Give us a call today!
CALL ALPHA TERMITE FOR YOUR FREE TERMITE INSPECTION AT 310-844-0999 We are based in Los Angeles California, and serving all of Los Angeles county and surrounding areas. We provide professional Eco-Friendly and cost effective termite service, Our experienced technicians will handle any type of termite issues from single family house to commercial property. We provide only the most effective and proven service every time. Our priority Is to provide top quality service to our customers. ​We provide all types of termite control services using the least toxic yet most effective product on the market. ​We also use all the latest technology and techniques to ensure that your home is safe from termites. ​Our goal is not just to solve today's problems but to ensure a prevention any upcoming infestations.
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