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   Excellent from 4 reviews
Prodigy Pest Solutions is a local, family owned business serving the Greater Philadelphia Area for Bed Bug Extermination.
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Contact Information
Phone Number (267) 603-1811
City Ridley Park, PA
Zip Code 19078
Address 210 Barker St.
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Products and Services
Bed Bug Heat Treatment is our passion because we know it works! Heat treatment for bed bugs is a safe, organic, and advantageous method with minimal preparation on the part of the resident. Using heat, we are able to provide you with a discreet, one day service, leaving you bed bug free in under 12 hours. The space is heated to a temperature proven in the research literature to fully eradicate all stages of the bed bug life cycle. We have our own equipment and NEVER subcontract our heat services - we do ALL of our own work. We are fully licensed and insured to use the application of heat treatment for bed bugs in hotels, motels, and residential structures throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.
In recent years, Ants have become the number one pest to invade your home. If you find ants have taken up residence in your home or business, contact Prodigy Pest Solutions promptly. We will be able to inspect your home, perform proper identification, and recommend an ant control and extermination solution.
Typically, cockroaches can be controlled with a combination of good sanitation by vacuuming often, keeping food areas clean and dry, and caulk entry points to include cracks in/around your home or business. Our approach to cockroach extermination is thorough and precise, learned from years of professional experience and education. Prodigy's State Licensed exterminators will develop a pest solution to rid your property of cockroaches, no matter how large or small the infestation may be.
Swarmers looking to start a new colony are typically the first sign of termites. They show up inside homes in early spring. To get rid of termites in the home, contact a termite management specialist at Prodigy Pest Solutions to address the infestation and recommend a course of proper termite control. A key component to dealing with termites is PREVENTION!
   Excellent from 4 reviews
  Testimonial by Catie Anne
Prodigy is a top of the line company to work with. We were called back within minutes and Sabrina was helpful and very honest. We sent her picture messages of what we thought were bed bug casings (which we thought we brought back from a vacation hotel). She quickly reassured us that they were carpet beetle casings. She gave us a few easy tips on what to do with our belongings (high heat in the dryer and vacuum). Sabrina also said we coukd buy a few products that would be eaay to detect any bed bugs. She was very honest in telling us she wasn't trying to sell us a service that wasn't necessary. My husband and I really appreciated her honesty and information.
  Testimonial by Rodney J Hardee
If you are skeptical like I was. Don't be. Best money I EVER spent. Totally got my money's worth. Professional and discreet. I would recommend them 10 times out of 10.
  Testimonial by Vivi O'Shea
I just want to say how great the service was with Prodigy. Starting with my first phone call to the completion of the job. Their work ethics are truly honest and extremely compassionate to your needs. They have incorporated the old fashion service that I once knew that is very rare today. I would highly recommend Prodigy for all your extermination needs. Go Prodigy. Thanks again!!!!
  Testimonial by Tony
These people are honest and they have given me the peace of mind I feared I'd never have. Cannot say enough about this company.
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