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Applying a safe and effective exterior perimeter treatment will eliminate most bug infestations. Inside services mainly consist of baits, traps or home modifications. Some insect sprays may be needed to control insects that are already indoors. We take great care to the safety of your family and pets while performing treatments and insure a safe pest-free environment. The frequency of treatments required to maintain a pest free home can vary with the pests encountered, and the degree to which an infestation has developed. Generally bi-annual service is sufficient once control has been achieved.

No matter how your home is constructed, where it's located, or how old it is, it could be attacked by subterranean termites. They are among the most destructive organisms on the planet. They are a threat across 70 percent of the world and in every part of the United States except Alaska. They cause $2-3 billion worth of damage each year in the US alone.

Termidor belongs to a new class of non repellent termiticides. It is applied as a solution, to the subsoil area around your home, beneath concrete slabs such as patios. Because worker termites cannot smell it, see it, or feel it, they forage freely in the treated areas and unknowingly pick up a lethal dose. As the workers return to the colony frequently, they expose others within the colony, resulting in complete control of a very costly pest.
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