Are you looking for a pest exterminator in Harlingen, TX?

Do you need a reliable company in Harlingen, TX providing commercial and residential pest control and management services?
Harlingen, Texas
Since 1999, we are dedicated to our customers, and we treat everyone like our neighbor. We combine our award winning customer service with expertise to assure you satisfaction every time, regardless! Having your home or business professionally serviced by we can save you thousands of dollars on repairs. We are committed to protecting your home, business, and family from dangerous pests.
We are determined to rid your home and business of pests and rodents for good. We are professionals in terminating all types of rodents and pests posing danger to your home, family and business. These pests are definitely not something you want to live with and are a great menace to your everyday life. Diseases are sometimes carried by these pests and can cause damage to your health and home.
Since 1983, our company has been offering quality pest control solutions for residential and commercial properties. Our commitment to protecting you from pests has led to outstanding customer satisfaction and continued growth. We are QualityPro Certified, and hire smartly, train correctly, and provide professionalism through the training and education of service technicians and sales personnel.
Established in 1950, we have been a family owned business, serving the pest control needs of residents and businesses in Corpus Christi and the surrounding areas. All of our professional technicians are highly trained and are licensed by the Texas Structural Pest Control Service. We offer exact, on-time appointments to meet the customer's needs.
No one knows how to protect your home or business from pests and other unwanted critters better than us. For nearly 40 years, our family has been offering a complete range of industry-leading services. Rely on us to help protect your property, family, and pets with our comprehensive and technologically advanced products and treatment techniques, including eco-friendly solutions.
We specialize in pest control for residential and commercial customers. From termites and insects, such as roaches, ants, fleas, and ticks to rodents, we offer the best pest control services possible throughout Webb County. All of our technicians are licensed, fully bonded, and insured, and are fully certified to do both inside and outside pest control services, while utilizing modern chemicals and up-to-date equipment.
Headed by Henry B. Fernandez Jr., board-certified entomologist, our company has become Laredo's leading termite and pest control company. Well, perhaps become is the wrong word - the fact is that we've held that position for over 60 years now. We've managed to maintain our leader status so long because of the unquestionable quality of our services and the undeniable results we obtain for those plagued by a variety of pests.
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