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Throughout your life, you have heard fact and fiction about pesticides and the use of pesticides, and because of the information that you have absorbed over your lifetime, you will act upon pest control issues depending upon how you perceive chemicals and bugs in our environment. Therefore, our efforts to control pest issues are structured based upon the specific perceptions and desires of you, the consumer.

We provide pest control services that are based upon sound research and the integrity of years of successful application of knowledge of biology and behavior of the pest organism. Our efforts will be targeted and very specific. Most importantly, our efforts will reduce chemicals within your living, working and playing environments. Those that are sensitive to chemicals can feel assured that alternative non-chemical methods exist and that these methods provide effective pest control.
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They can be highly tenacious. Unlike other insects that move away from you, this insect moves towards you to kindly ask you to be its host. Once agreed upon, whether you like it or not, they will begin their new home amongst warm blooded hosts. This could include pets, children, and adults. Once entrenched, they could complete their life cycle, from egg to adult in a very short period of time, then play dormant for up to 18 months. There are many methods used to reduce and attempt to eliminate them; however, if ones source of bed bugs comes from another location, away from your home or business, then the bug can be reintroduced into your environments. It can be a taunting experience. Nonetheless, you must make every attempt to reduce this insect's ability to survive and reintroduce itself.
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