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Originally started in his house, Best Pest Control Services moved into their storefront in Somerville as the business expanded. Their son Matthew Kreimeyer joined the business in an official capacity in 1995 after helping his father throughout his childhood. Best Pest Control Services is proud to offer their clients solutions to their pest concerns and offer exemplary customer service. Customer service is our #1 priority. If you need to get in touch with us to discuss anything, please do not hesitate.
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Contact Information
Phone Number (617) 776-3140
City Somerville, MA
Zip Code 02144
Address 63 Elm St # A
Products and Services
Roaches are a common household pest that may infest kitchens, basements and other living spaces. Research has found that cockroaches can lead to respiratory issues such as asthma.
The house mouse can produce 8-10 litters each year and each litter contains five to seven young mice. Control methods include a full interior inspection. It may also entail the application of rodenticide baits, placing of traps, and sealing of possible mouse entry points.
Key People
Rod Kreimeyer
Rod Kreimeyer
Rod has been in the Pest Control industry for over 39 years, including 3 years as a representative for a major Pest Control distributor. He lives with his wife Nancy. He is an avid fisherman and loves travel in his RV.
Matt Kreimeyer
Matt Kreimeyer
Service Manager
Matt is the son of owner Rod Kreimeyer. Matt is a proud graduate of Lexington Christian Academy and Saint Michael's College. He has been learning the pest control business since he followed his Dad around on jobs as a child. Matt is married to to his wife Terri DiJoseph. They live in Woburn, MA. with their 2 young boys Matthew and Joseph.
Matt Conlon
Matt Conlon
Matt is one of our commercial technicians. He handles our restaurant, school and university accounts. Matt lives in Lynn, MA. with his wife, son and twin daughters. He is a huge sports fan and has traveled to every major league baseball stadium.
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