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Pests in your home or work place can make for unbearable conditions. We can help you eliminate these pests by using safe, virtually odor free products at reasonable prices. We understand that conventional procedures may not control your pests and in some cases can actually make things worse. We specialize in identifying all species of insects and discerning the most effective methods for eliminating them.

A State Certified expert will inspect your home completely-inside and out, identify the nature of your particular insect or rodent problem and provide a customized treatment solution. Integrated Pest Management combines several procedures to reduce reliance on pesticides while also eradicating pest populations.

Chemical formulations have come a long way and targeted specific applications can eliminate your pest problem without endangering your health and the environment. Our reliable technicians will apply the most effective materials on the interior and exterior of your home, utilizing alternate methods and using only the necessary amounts of chemicals, to exterminate existing insects and rodents and prevent future infestations.

Even though a one-time treatment may alleviate your immediate pest problem, ongoing treatments will ensure that your home or business is protected throughout the year. We feature monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and yearly pest elimination plans for the convenience of our customers. Typically, our bi-monthly plans consist of targeted power sprays and cobweb services reducing our customers' risk of coming in contact with chemicals and providing a cheaper, more effective elimination solution.
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We are a fully insured and licensed pest and animal control company. We provide chemical free professional nuisance wildlife control services for Central and Northern Arizona. We conduct our Wildlife Services division in a safe and humane matter, while striving to resolve your wildlife problem in a careful process to ensure the safety for you and your family. By working with the homeowner as a team, that will enable us to ensure the safety of everyone, while resolving any wildlife issue you may have. With many years of experience we can immediately evaluate the situation and take the necessary steps to provide a long term whenever possible solution.
We are the original and most experienced bed bug heat extermination business in the State of Arizona. We use the AZEX Heat process for the application of heat to individual rooms, or an entire structure. Our process is the Genuine and most effective treatment on the market today. We have over five years of experience applying heat to structures such as hotels and residential structures.
Honeycomb removal is a necessary part of most bee removal projects. If the combs are not removed the honey will melt causing noticeable stains and other damage. In addition, an un-removed hive may attract rodents, and other insects. Most importantly, if the honeycombs are not removed correctly and completely, the smell of the honey can attract new bee colonies that can infest both the same location and other areas of the structure.
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