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Established in 1953, A1 Exterminators has 60 years experience in the pest control industry. The company, a family run business with corporate offices in Lynn, MA, and branches in Cape Cod, Western MA, New Hampshire and Southern Maine will work to provide you satisfaction through professional and reliable service. Your family, clients, employees and pets are our first priority. State-of-the-art equipment, products and over five decades of professional experience, adds up to performance you can trust plus peace of mind. We guarantee that too-in writing!

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The proliferation of bed bugs in the United States and in the world at large is a reality. Constant vigilance is necessary. Early detection is key for successful bed bug control and prevention of a major infestation. And professional exterminator intervention is increasingly becoming a must to control the problem.
Wood doors, wood window frames, wood cabinets, wood shelving even buildings with steel framing and masonry walls are vulnerable to termite attacks. And it's not only structural damage you need to consider. Swarming termites, discarded wings and other body parts can contaminate food, disrupt health care, and hinder sanitation efforts in food processing and medical facilities. Don't wait until you have a serious and costly problem on your hands - consider the solutions now!
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