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We are a growing company providing residential, commercial and the industrial communities of Southeast Pennsylvania with premier pest control services. Our company is dedicated to building long term relationships with our customers through quality service, customer support, state of the art equipment, techniques and training. Homeland Pest Control strives towards being recognized as a leader in the pest control industry on issues regarding safety, environmentally conscious issues and knowledgeable services.

Upon our visit to your property we will inspect and advise you about effective treatments. There may be a variety of techniques used simultaneously for best results. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to controlling pests for your home, business, or organization is an industry standard. Preventing pests from entering the structure in the first place is our main objective, then controlling the ones that are already there. For more information on our Techniques and services visit our Services link or feel free to contact us with any questions.
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The common honeybee (apis mellifera), when raised by a professional bee keeper, are raised in controlled hives strictly for honey production. While rare, wild bees are found in Southeast Pennsylvania. Active in late spring and on into the summer, wild bees look for structures to build new hives. The area between the external and internal walls of a home with the convenient studs make a perfect location for a new hive to begin honey production. Left unchecked, the hive can grow to mammoth proportions and the damage to a home can quickly climb into the thousands of dollars in costly repair.
Rodents are a common household pest in the United States. Rats and mice breed rapidly, and a small infestation can quickly become a major problem. Knowing more about these pests is the best way to avoid the issues that they cause.

There are several species of rodent that have a habit of finding their way into buildings in Quakertown. From the Norway rat of the Pacific Northwest to the ubiquitous house mouse, a significant portion of homeowners will encounter one or more of these animals at some point. A rodent infestation may not sound as bad as an insect infestation, but rats and mice are actually highly destructive.
Carpenter ants earned their name because they make their homes in moist or damaged wood. They are commonly found outdoors in rotting logs or trees, but they are also known to invade the wood structures of houses and can cause damage comparable to that of termites. If you spot carpenter ants in your kitchen, our experts at Homeland Pest Control can help you determine if they are visiting from a nest outside of your home or if you have an infestation that needs to be addressed.
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