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Hive Pro Bee Removal was started with the intent of being an honest company that provides a truly useful and positive service. Every day we use safe and long lasting techniques to help people eliminate the physical and legal risks that bees and other stinging insects pose. We relocate honey bees alive, so they can continue to enrich our ecosystem and agricultural endeavors.

Honeycomb is made of a waxy hexagonal structure that holds liquid honey and beelarvae called brood. We are committed to using the most environmentally friendly methods of bee control. We perform humane bee removals. This means that we keep them alive as we move them from your property to farms throughout southern California where they are tended to by beekeepers. Live bee removal is just as effective as methods used to exterminate bees, and it has several advantages.

In addition to working with honey bees, we also removes wasps, hornets, yellow-jackets and their nests. Most of the time these insects are exterminated rather than removed alive. We use the same botanical insecticides to kill wasps, hornets and yellow jackets as we do to kill bees. These insects do not make honey so the removal of the nests is not as crucial or as labor intensive.
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Like honey bees, most yellow-jacket nests consist of thousands of insects. There is a queen, many female workers and males. Yellow-jackets do not make honey. They make papery nests that are most often underground. They are very aggressive around the colony and can sting multiple times. These insects eat meat as well as nectar from plants. Because they do not store honey for the winter they cannot sustain large populations through the colder months, thus only the queen usually lives through the winter. Sometimes an entire nest will make it through the winter, in which case the nest grows very large in the second year and can even have more than one queen.
These insects are similar to honey bees in that there is one queen in a nest that commands sterile females and males. They do not make honey though. Instead they make papery nests that range from the size of a golf ball to the size of a dinner plate. They often hang their nests from roof overhangs and tree branches out in the open. Most nests will only have 10 or 20 insects. Wasps and hornets can sting multiple times and they actually eat meat (mostly in the form of other insects) in addition to nectar.
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  Testimonial by Jenean Thompson
Burbank, CA
I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service today. I especially enjoyed hearing how you care for the bees without killing them. What a fascinating career.Have a wonderful day.
  Testimonial by Sara E. Creagan
Los Angeles, CA
Our company has used Hive Pro Bee Removal at two of the buildings we manage and we were pleased with both experiences. The service was prompt, professional, affordable, and most importantly, quite effective. We would highly recommend the services of Hive Pro Bee Removal.
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