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Rated Excellent from 3 reviews
Halliday Pest Control offers a wide variety of services. We specialize in Residential and Commercial pest control, as well as Small Rodent Control. Our goal is to not only make sure the job gets done correctly, but to make sure that each and every customer is completely satisfied with our work. Our dedication to customer service is what helps us stand apart from our competition. Contact us today and let us show you why we are the number one pest control service in Cumming, Georgia. For more information on how Halliday Pest Control can help you, contact us at (770) 861-8808 of email us at info@hallidaypestcontrol.com.
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Phone Number (770) 861-8808
City Cumming, GA
Zip Code 30041
Address 2425 Briar Ridge Way
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If you find that your house has taken on a few unexpected guests like mice, wasps or other insects, then you might be in need of a local pest control provider. Halliday Pest Control provides homes in the Cumming, GA area with the personalized customer care they need for their home pest control.
It all starts with the first call where we set up your free pest control inspection. The detailed inspection will allow our local exterminators the opportunity to create a custom pest removal and control plan for your house. Whether your home is in need of small rodent control or you are dealing with insects, we have exactly what you need to get the job done.
Those insects and rodents around your business may seem like a small nuisance, but they could become a big problem if they are not handled properly. That is why Halliday Pest Control offers commercial pest control to businesses in Cumming, GA. If not taken care of, pests and rodents can cause structural damage to your building, damage materials, create poor customer experiences and in some cases spread disease.
To take care of your pest and rodent control for your business, Halliday Pest Control works to systematically remove the pests and then help you with preventive pest control.
Rated Excellent (5 of 5) from 3 reviews
  Testimonial by Scott Rhinehart
It's simply a fact that bugs will always try to invade your house, and with Steve, we find the bugs DEAD, not alive! I'd highly recommend Steve. Great guy and very professional!
  Testimonial by Marty Comella
Steve is part of one of the most trusted pest control companies in the Cumming, GA area. I trust him to take care of my pest needs. And he does an excellent job at killing ants, roaches and wasps.
  Testimonial by Diane Campbell
What a surprise to find a momma spider whose back was covered with hundreds of little spider tykes resting on the door handle to my business. It required a photo which was posted to the company's Facebook page. The next surprise was when Steve Halliday of Halliday Pest Control showed up at the door with sprayer in hand. No, I didn't call him. He follows me, his customer, on Facebook. Now that's proactive service.

Steve has handled both my personal and professional pest control for several years and is always polite, well-informed on the seasonal creepers and attentive to any special needs. I recommend him highly.
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