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We will provide you with a free thorough inspection and a guaranteed price quote at affordable prices. We will use the least invasive, state-of-the-art pest control materials and methods to do the job right. Friend's state certified and licensed technicians are highly skilled and experienced professionals who receive continuous education and technical training. Our reputation of superior customer service delivered with integrity and pride sets us apart from the giants and all others in the pest industry.
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Phone Number (419) 472-7378
City Toledo, OH
Zip Code 43623
Address 3439 S Barstow Ave
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We believe that birds are beautiful creatures and an important part of nature, but they can also be a nuisance. When birds roost or nest on building ledges, signs, niches, rooftops, etc., they can turn your beautiful home or business into an unsightly and unsanitary mess by leaving droppings wherever they stay. These droppings are so acidic that they can damage equipment, clog vents, eat away at concrete, brick, mortar, or metal and as a result, reduce your property values. The damage, cleanup and maintenance costs can be very expensive.
Friend's service professionals will thoroughly inspect your facility to locate any problem areas and identify what specific types of pest control measures are necessary. Friend's will schedule your service visits at your convenience, including after hours or weekends, to avoid any interruption to your normal business activities. We assign the same service professional to your business, who will always work closely with your staff and always keep you informed. We treat your business with confidence. Your service technician is a highly trained and certified professional with extensive experience in your specific business or industry.
Friend's now offers you a revolutionary program for you and your yard. This program, when properly implemented by a knowledgeable professional, has been industry tested and proven successful in eliminating moles. The product we use is safe for your family and pets and will not harm your lawn, flowering plants, trees, or shrubs.
Our technicians are friendly, licensed and state certified professionals with years of expertise in pest management. We will conduct the most thorough inspection of your entire home including basements or crawl spaces, attics, porches, and garages to find all potential hiding and breeding grounds for pests.
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