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Rated Excellent from 11 reviews
At Hobart Pest Control, we believe we are the best exterminator in the Northwest Indiana. We want to prove it to you by offering $15 Off any exterminating service for first time customers! Franklin Pest Exterminators is that company that you go to when you're asking yourself what's the best pest control company near me. Mainly because we offer a large list of pest control services that include both residential homes and commercial properties. We also do bed bug extermination and rodent removal in Hobart and Northwest Indiana​. We are one of those pest control companies that get great reviews and truly care about our clients. It's not out of the ordinary for customers to ask for the same pest control technician to come back every time.
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Phone Number (219) 600-4910
City Hobart, IN
Zip Code 46342
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Owning a home is usually the biggest investment a family ever makes. Protecting that home from unwanted pests is one of the first steps in protecting that investment. Pest management has become a major industry in helping preserve the value of your home and health of your family.

Many pests can permanently damage your home, while others carry and spread diseases. The first step to effective pest management is defining the insect or bug problem you face. Visit the Pest ID Center to find out more about each pest.
The next step is to limit the reproduction and survival potential of each pest. For instance, if you remove the food, water and shelter of pests - that will have a very significant impact on controlling pest populations.
The last step is contacting Franklin Pest Exterminators to help rid your home of the pest and prevent future damage. Our knowledge, training, and years of experience, along with appropriate chemical control measures, cam help create a longer lasting, more significant impact in maximizing pest control. All pest control services are offered on a 1-time, Quarterly, or Monthly basis depending on the severity of the problem and needs of your location.
From office buildings, warehouses and schools, to property management companies, homeowner associations and restaurants, we can help eliminate all of your pest control issues. We offer a thorough property inspection, as well as ongoing pest control service and maintenance to keep your place of business clean. We have a vested interest in providing a proven, environmentally conscious, cost-effective solution for your pest problems.
Rated Excellent (5 of 5) from 11 reviews
  Testimonial by Carla Pierce
I never thought that I would need an exterminator, but when I did I called you guys. I've seen your truck around town and thought I'd give you a shot. Great job. I am satisfied with your service!
  Testimonial by Mary Gibson
I'm so glad you were able to identify where the mice were getting into my home. You sealed it off and I haven't seen one since. Thanks!
  Testimonial by Betty Mansour
You are the bomb! I am so very happy with your services! No more roaches!
  Testimonial by Erica Davis
Roaches are the nastiest things! I'm so glad I called you! Thank you for getting rid of them for me!
  Testimonial by Danielle P.
Your staff is amazing and very friendly. Rob made every effort to do a great job and he succeeded. Haven't seen a roach in months!
  Testimonial by Jemima D.
The pest control services that Franklin Pest Exterminators​​ did helped get rid of bugs permanently! We haven't seen bugs in over 4 months
  Testimonial by Carole G.
They did a great job and their services worked for me. Would recommend
  Testimonial by Gordon Peterson
They were quick and helped get rid of some unwanted pests in our office. Thanks!
  Testimonial by Janet S.
Great job! On time. Professional. They also accommodated a few of our special requests.
  Testimonial by Mariah C.
They called me about an hour after submitting my info on their site. He called me personally and came out within an hour to look. They explained the process quickly & got around to exterminating that week. I would definitely call them for any pest problems.
  Testimonial by John T.
Great company! There is no better service to be found around Hobart. Make this your first and last place you look for pest control or termite control services. We have both and couldn't be happier.
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