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We are serving the San Antonio area as a leading pest control provider for more than 25 years. Our licensing and training come from the Texas Structural Pest Control Board and we have certified technicians in general pests, lawn/ornamental and termite divisions. Our staff consist of trained and experienced experts in chemistry, horticulture, wildlife control & exclusion, as well as termite and household pest control.
  • Ants
  • Fleas
  • Mosquitoes
  • Rodents
  • Scorpions
  • Termites
Contact Information
Phone Number (210) 681-5094
City San Antonio, TX
Zip Code 78240
Address 8607 Bristlecone St
Products and Services
Fire ant stings can be more than just a short painful experience. Allergic reactions and secondary infection are all too common. Several years ago a new chemical, Fipronil, was introduced to the professional pest applicator. FAMILY has been using this product for 6 years. One application to your lawn & shrub beds kills and prevents new mounds from forming for one year. We offer a full one year warranty against their return.
An application of a long residual pesticide and insect growth hormone is applied to carpets, cracks & crevices, pet resting areas, etc. inside your home and on the yard. Treatment kills the adult biting fleas and prevents eggs and pupa from developing into adults. Our technicians will discuss the treatment plan-of-attack with you. Your cooperation and assistance is required in order to obtain successful eradication of these troublesome pests.
The bark striped Scorpion is a common arachnid pest inhabiting most of San Antonio, but its presence is more dominant in the hills of north S.A. It's sting is rarely lethal, except in children highly allergic to insect stings, and sometimes to small pets.
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