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Do you have pests in your home or business? Exterminate them now with our safe treatments to eliminate insects, rodents, bees, spiders, termites, bed bugs, roaches, and more. If you have an infestation on your hand, we can help set traps, bait, and kill the bugs immediately. See why we are White Plains' #1 pest control company for many years running.
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The key to a successful ant extermination is identifying the ant species in your home. Different ant species have different behaviors and biology. This makes DIY ant control solutions highly ineffective. At Emergency Pest Control, we have invested a lot in training our team of experts to identify different ant species and apply control mechanisms that are unique to them for maximum effectiveness. Due to these high levels of expertise, our pest control technicians are able to apply targeted and discrete ant control interventions. Since treatment may extend to food establishments, storages or containers, we have a strict policy of using only safe and human-friendly treatment solutions. This makes the process safe for your home, your customers, and staff.
Rats and mice are the last animals you want to be sharing your living space with. Rodents will successfully cohabit with human beings and leave destruction in their path. They can chew through just about everything including food, clothes, wood, paper, and even wiring, putting the inhabitants of the building at risk of electrical shock and fires. Rats and mice also pose significant health risks. If rats gain access to the food you eat, they can contaminate it putting you at risk of contracting serious illnesses such as bubonic plague. Contamination mostly occurs when they urinate or leave their droppings on stored food. If you spot a rodent in your home or workplace, it's best to contact a pest management company to contain the situation. For businesses, rodents have the potential to cause thousands of dollars' worth of financial losses, not to mention the risk of losing your valued clients if they're constantly welcomed by the site of rodents. Emergency Pest Control has been helping business owners in Westchester County and the greater New York to eliminate the menace of recurring rodents, allowing them to focus on running their businesses effectively.
Once a mere afterthought, bed bugs have made a nationwide comeback. Traditionally, the creepy, blood-sucking creatures have been associated with overcrowded and derelict housing environments but that is no longer the case. Today, BedBugs.org reports that even the cleanest residences, hotel, and modern apartment buildings are easily falling victim to bed bug infestations. The exact reason for their comeback is unknown, but experts believe their rapid spread is partly due to the increased local and global travel. Bed bugs can easily attach to people, luggage and other items normally carried during travel. When the carriers arrive at their destination, bed bugs will have found their new home as long as there is a human host to provide food. The sad reality of bed bugs is that unlike other pests, they can live for long (between 7-12 months) periods with an adequate food supply. Even without food, a bed bug can stay alive for many weeks. They also multiply exponentially. A female bed bug is capable of depositing 1-5 eggs a day, and lays between 200-500 eggs in its entire lifetime. Even though bed bugs are not known to transit diseases to humans, they feed on human blood and the last thing you need in your home is thousands of these creatures attacking you and your loved ones every night. It's worth noting that when bed bugs feed, they can retreat into hiding for days and weeks, making it extremely difficult for a homeowner to determine the full extent of an infestation.
There are some warning signs for termite infestations you should watch out for and contact us as soon as they appear. Cracked or bubbling paint on your walls may indicate presence of termite droppings. If you tap wood and it sounds hollow, it's likely the inside has been eaten away by termites. Mud tubes present on wooden beams, crawl spaces, or on exterior walls may also indicate presence of termite homes. Discarded swarmer wings, and a temporary swarm of winged insects present in the soil surrounding your home, or inside your house is a strong sign of termites' presence.
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They are an amazing bunch of experts who got rid of the pests from my house. Thank you for ensuring i get a good night sleep by removing bugs and pests from our house.
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