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Dayton's Pest Control is your local source for pest control & crawl space repair in the Tennessee area. We are very involved in the community and provide complimentary pest control services for many non-profit organizations. The most important measure of our success is our reputation.

The work we do is not just a reflection on the business; it is a reflection on us as individuals in this community. We believe the keys to our success rest on three principles: a continued focus on customer satisfaction and retention; the nurturing of an experience, trained workforce; and a consistent investment in marketing and business growth.
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Phone Number (865) 588-6686
City Knoxville, TN
Zip Code 37919
Address 4647 Newcom Ave
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  • National Pest Management Association
  • Better Business Bureau
National Pest Management AssociationBetter Business Bureau
Products and Services
Bed Bugs are tiny insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals. Adult bed bugs are reddish brown in color and are 5-7 mm in length. Bed bugs can be found anywhere, but most commonly in areas where people sleep such as bedding, mattresses, and bed frames. In most cases bed bugs are not a sign of unclean or unsanitary environments.
Mice and rats may make popular pets, but as wild animals living in your home, they are a serious problem. Wild rodents are common carriers of disease and their waste can build up in a home leading to a significant problem.

Additionally, they will invade your food storage, chew through wires, and create holes in boxes and walls. If the problem persists, not only will they live and breed in your home, they will also die there. There are few things worse than dead mice behind the walls in your home!
Insects start to seek shelter inside homes when fall weather arrives. Ladybugs may wander inside and stain clothing and fabrics when secreting yellow blood. This blood is secreted when the pests are under duress. These stains can be impossible to get out, and large populations of ladybugs may cause significant staining to light-colored fabrics. Kudzu bugs are annoying pests that are generally not harmful, but these insects can emit an offensive odor when crushed.
We understand that a pest-free environment is essential to your company's reputation, no matter what business you're in. Our commercial pest control services protect your property, employees and customers from year-round pests such as roaches, rodents and houseflies, as well as occasional invaders such as brown beetles, spiders and crickets.
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