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We are your local pest control company, and has been located here for over 20 years, providing quality services and solutions to our clients. There is no other pest control company that can make that claim. Why is that important? With us you keep your business in town and you know that the person taking care of your pest management needs is your neighbor.
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Contact Information
Phone Number (401) 821-9440
City Coventry, RI
Zip Code 02816
Address 1550 Nooseneck Hill Rd
Products and Services
We are a valued resource for realtors and home buyers who need confidence that the home they're about to buy is structurally sound and free from termite and other insect damage. With almost 30 years of experience, our inspectors know the difference between evidence of termites, carpenter ants, or just plain rotten wood. We take pride in providing a complete, honest and accurate report so that both buyer and seller know the true condition of the home.
Rhode Island's natural splendor provides excellent habitat for a wide range of wonderful creatures - skunks, raccoons, squirrels and those kinds of things. But when the wildlife crosses over into our personal space, they lose their charm. We help maintain the boundary between the indoor and and outdoor environments by trapping and relocating wildlife that gets a little too close for comfort, or safety. Sometimes these animals make their own little entrances so in many cases we can also offer the necessary handyman services to close these.
We use formulations that include both a fast-acting, short-lived ingredient to knockout flying insects, and a more persistent ingredient that kills insects that are in the nest or that are returning to the nest after foraging for food. Particularly in late summer when yellowjackets change from an insect based diet to a carbohydrate rich diet, it's important to eliminate all food sources (e.g., open garbage cans, pet foods). Water sources around the yard may also attract yellowjackets during hot, drought-stricken periods.
Key People
Tom Brennan
Tom Brennan
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