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We are an award winning pest control and exterminator service company serving the Chicago area and its surrounding areas. Our number one mission is to rid your house of pests and protect you and your family from these unwelcome guests. Rest assured that our pest control service will solve your problems quickly and efficiently. We guarantee our work 100% and we stand behind our quality service.
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Phone Number (773) 789-9789
City Chicago, IL
Zip Code 60634
Address 1433 W Henderson
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They have become a nuisance for businesses, airports, historical landmarks, schools, stadiums and any other place where adequate shelter is available. They are considered a nuisance because They carry diseases communicable to man and their droppings pose a health concern especially for institutions where food is being stored such as fruit markets, supermarkets and restaurants.
They like to be where they have a ready supply of food. Removing mice can sometimes be as easy as setting a mouse trap, but sometimes it can turn into a nightmare when you have a larger infestation, especially one with large rats, can be a real problem. They are smart and can learn to avoid traps. it takes a professional exterminator to rid your house or business of these uninvited guests.
They tend to settle in close proximity to their food source - you! During the day these nocturnal insects disappear in crevices associated with mattresses, box springs, sheets, furniture, upholstery and hollow bedposts, as well as crevices behind baseboards, pictures and even torn wallpaper. Make sure to lift and look around all possible hiding spots in the hotel room, not just the mattress.
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