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Bug Doctor is dedicated to the never-ending pursuit of customer satisfaction. With persistence and determination we accomplish our goals of creating and maintaining a pest-free environment for those we serve. The realization of being courteous, displaying professionalism and understanding customer needs enables us to lead the way, setting new standards for the service industry. Our growth and success are the proof of our beliefs.
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Phone Number (973) 777-9607
City Passaic, NJ
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Address 100 Prospect St
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National Pest Management AssociationNational Wildlife Control Operators Association
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Groundhogs are a common outdoor nuisance. Though not harmful to humans, they can surely do damage on even a well- protected garden or flower patch. Groundhogs like to make their home under a deck, porch, shed, garage or burrow into the soft ground. Trapping and relocating the animal is the best way to handle this pest. Relocation of the groundhog to a natural wooded area that is not highly developed is best for both the home owner and the animal.
Of all the insects on earth, mosquitoes may very well pose the greatest threat to man's health and existence. Diseases transmitted by them, such as Malaria, West Nile virus, Yellow fever, Filariasis, Dengue fever, and Encephalitis kill and debilitate millions of people worldwide even with today's advances in medicine. Even as a nuisance biter, they can have a major negative impact on a local economy by inhibiting recreation or work environments.
Their main focus in life is to eat. Their role in life is to break down wood materials and plants, which is good news in the forest, but bad news for your neighborhood. Termites invade your property from the inside out. They will tunnel from their underground colony up into your home, and will go unnoticed until damage is done and it's too late. And if consuming your home for dinner isn't bad enough they will also consume your trees, fences, furniture, books, and cloths.
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