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Pests like ants, cockroaches, mice, and others cause damage to your home and pose a threat to your health, potentially contaminating food and causing you to get sick! Our pest control team is highly trained and certified to use the latest products and pest management techniques. Our products are safer than over-the-counter products that you might use and our products are approved by the EPA. Our licensed technicians handle pesticides using application methods that eliminate dangers to people, pets, and children. Many companies can offer you a low price on service but we truly pride ourselves on our excellence customer service and support, and the attention and care we pay to each client.
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Phone Number (951) 694-8100
City Temecula, CA
Zip Code 92592
Address 39433 Colleen Way
Products and Services
They can burrow into your home through a one-twelfth of an inch hole and can go completely undetected for up to five years. By then, the devastation caused by this small invading army can cost you thousands (which most homeowners insurance plans won't cover).
They are air breathing arthropods that have eight legs and fangs that inject venom. That are the largest order of arachnids and ranks seventh in total spices diversity among all other groups of organisms. Spiders can be considered an important, even beneficial, link in the food chain because they prey on other insects.
They often invade yards and gardens, feeding on many garden crops, ornamental plants, vines, shrubs and trees. A single gopher moving down a garden row can inflict considerable damage in a very short time.
It is important because birds can create health related problems through their feces, including histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis. Their droppings also contain uric acid which is highly corrosive and may cause damage to property equipment.
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