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Our mission is to be the leading global bird control company, committed to delivering unsurpassed quality and innovative customized methods. We will exceed client expectations while meeting budget constraints, and utilize discreet, humane, lasting solutions. We specialize in bird control, deterrence, extermination and clean up. We are an integrated, long-term solution provider, able to help you and your organization reduce risks such as respiratory ailments, viral infections, food poisoning and property damage due to bird pests.

Some of our methods include the use of innovative products such as BirdFence, StealthNet, BIRDSLIDE, and many more individual products, approaches and solutions. Proper product selection looks at the structure and surrounding areas, the type of pest bird to be deterred, and how committed problem birds are to remaining in the area. Our professionals have spent hours training for their deterrent certifications, and our company is licensed to deal with any pest bird problem, including pigeons, sparrows, swallows, gulls and even bat and other pest problems.
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Pigeon problems are the most common of nuisance bird problems. These birds live in large flocks throughout nearly every urban center in the United States, having adapted to man's environment like a champion. They nest readily in our structures, do not fear man and have a diverse diet which is fed easily by our cities. Their droppings and nesting materials are unsanitary as well as unsightly, present slip and fall liability and other problems cause millions of dollars in damage every year for building owners and cities.
These days, architects are being asked to build bird control into their design plans for buildings on an increasingly regular basis. We have many years of experience helping architects with their design plans and specifications to select the most effective, low profile products for their architectural design. We consult with architects for your government or civil building project. We can supply you with full product specifications or review blueprints and CAD drawings.
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