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We provide lifetime warranties on all the exclusion work we preform. If you are in need of sealing the areas of your home or business to keep out the critters, and want to keep them gone for good, give us a call. Bigfoot Wildlife Control Services and Exclusions also does bird removal, trapping, and roosting prevention services for commercial buildings and residential.

We also offer dropping removal and cleanup. If you own property in or around north Georgia, and are experiencing a squirrel, raccoon, bat, snake, bee, flying squirrel, bird, rat, or dead animal removal problem, feel free to contact us for a free phone consultation of our wildlife removal services. We back up all of our work with a lifetime warranty, revolving year to year upon annual inspections performed by our technicians.
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Phone Number (678) 314-7828
City Roswell, GA
Zip Code 30076
Address 1425 Market Boulevard
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Much like wasps, only the nests may grow to thte size of a basketball. They are fully enclosed and usually show up on tree branches or sides of houses and buildings. An active hornets nest is very dangerous and best left to professional removal.
Elongated, limbless reptiles. Most live on the ground, but some are burrowers. Also it is not uncommon to find them in attics as well as basements and crawl spaces. Some snakes are also aquatic, one group exclusively marine (Water Moccasin). In temperate climates they hibernate. They are mainly solitary in their habits, although they may congregate in places offering food ( rats & other rodents) or shelter, and large numbers may hibernate together. Wild snakes in Georgia range in length from 4 inches to over 15 feet.
To trap and remove wildlife regardless of the animal type, we will complete a thorough inspection of the problem, set traps where needed and remove/relocate those animals. Bigfoot will capture any attic, lawn, basement and wall dwelling creature. While Bigfoot cannot guarantee wildlife will not return by simply removing them, we do offer thorough exclusion services. We do not handle domestic dogs. Call your local county animal services for dog removal.
  • Bigfoot Strikes Again
    Bigfoot Strikes Again
    Our mascot frees a trapped animal and mauls the person who caught it on film!
  • Bigfoot Wildlife movie of the month
    Bigfoot Wildlife movie of the month
    Hundreds of bats inside wall cavity. Being excluded by bigfoot wildlife control in Georgia.
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