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Our service is lightning fast because we understand how frustrating it is for you to come across a termite colony in your home, a rat in your basement or black widows hiding in dark corners in your home that your children could be exposed to out of curiosity. We waste no time and make quick appointments to remove your problem permanently. We're just as concerned for your safety as you are in your own and take what we do very seriously.

In addition to our A++ customer service we have treatments that fit your needs along with cost-effective solutions to help you save money and get the most bang for your buck. Our fumigation process takes into account you and your families' safety before and after treatment.

Afterwards we offer long-term care to prevent the pest problem from ever recurring again with follow-up phone calls, optional monthly treatments and annual "in-home" inspections. This is a customized blueprint we offer that ensures your home is secured from the inside out.
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Phone Number (661) 613-2011
City Bakersfield, CA
Zip Code 93312
Address 906 Devonshire St
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Cheap California pest control can be a bit challenging to find, but with the right resources and information to help narrow your search you can find an inexpensive ant control solution to solve your problems today. We realize that ant removal can be a downright frustrating experience if you were to attempt to do it on your own. Ants build their nests outside of homes as they travel in and out for precious food and water resources at your expense. Catching these critters in the act is simple enough, it's rounding them up that's the problem. Therefore, ant traps and ant repellent should be left to the professionals saving you an enormous amount of time and money attempting to do so on your own.
"Night, night! don't let the bedbugs bite!" is a common mantra we chant as a playful way of wishing a child, relative or significant other to bed. Sadly, bed bugs are anything but playful in nature. Here in Bakersfield these blood-sucking parasites are common because of the warm weather climate that makes it easy for them to breed in abundance. Although the nature of infestation is unknown to modern scientist we can speculate that the most likely culprit is the increased human-to-human contact in recent years via travel, banning of pesticides and insecticide resistance.
They're every homeowners worst nightmare come true. They're creepy. Crawly. Ugly. Nasty. And gives you the heebie jeebies. Not only is their nature vile and disgusting, they consume food that doesn't belong to them, make themselves neighbors where they aren't wanted and are one of the biggest carriers of disease (next to rodents) on this planet.
Rodents such as rats and mice are one our local city's most common pest. Aside from being a cat's favorite "plaything", rodents have absolutely no value to society aside from being a disgusting nuisance. There are few things more startling than the sounds of pitter-patter on your roof or the dashing of mice across the kitchen floor to seek cover after having contaminated your food supply. There are 3 types of rodents you should be especially aware of in this country: Roof Rats, Norway Rats and House Mice.
Rated Excellent (5 of 5) from 3 reviews
  Testimonial by John Boyd
The owner, Jan, is truly exceptional at what he does. They exterminate all of our pest issues completely & the problem never came back.
  Testimonial by Mike Edwards
They did a fantastic job taking care of the bed bugs we had at our house. It was a very worrisome time but once Bez Valley did their treatment, we had no more incidents of waking up itching & scratching after that! We feel tremendous relief and peace of mind, can't thank this company enough! Very friendly owner as well.
  Testimonial by Morgan Douglas
I had a ton of animals all over my house. I called bez and they had them cleaned up within a day. Great service
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