Bee Smart Los Angeles, CA

With decades of combined experience, our technicians are ready to assist residential and commercial customers with the safe removal of bees in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Whether you have bees in your attic or walls or have noticed honeycomb on an exterior location, we specialize in safe, organic live bee removal services.

Live removal without the use of dangerous chemicals allows the bees to be relocated to local farms and Apiaries were they can return to what they do best-pollinating plants and making honey! We will work seven days a week to provide immediate service to our customers: arriving promptly to ensure removal of the bees in the safest possible way.
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Phone Number (310) 482-3741
City Los Angeles, CA
Zip Code 90066
Products and Services
We not only handle your standard bees, but also are well versed in the environmentally safe removal and prevention of all types of wasps and hornets. Their nests can often be located in extremely high or out of the way locations under the eaves of your roof, or even underground. Even though you may see the general area of the swarm, it may still be difficult to locate the nest. We have many years of experience safely removing dangerous wasps and hornets.
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