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Rated Excellent from 5 reviews
Many mosquito services claim to kill mosquitoes or at least keep them away, but there are usually two big problems with other mosquito solutions. First, many are short term solutions that wear off quickly. Second, many mosquito sprays are packed with pesticides that are dangerous to your kids and pets.

Barefoot Mosquito is the best mosquito control solution and solves these two major problems. Barefoot's mosquito spray is made from 99.5% natural essential oils and is safe for both humans and animals. The Barefoot mosquito control system is also effective at keeping mosquitoes away for up to thirty days.

With no equipment fees or annual contracts, Barefoot is the most effective and affordable option for mosquito control. Reclaim your backyard again by calling 512-402-7121 (Austin) or 713-554-9430 (Houston) or visit to learn more.
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Phone Number (512) 400-2008
City Austin, TX
Zip Code 78738
Address 8300 Old Bee Caves Rd
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Products and Services
Mosquitoes have four distinct life stages (egg, larvae, pupae, adult). Most mosquito control methods fail to control mosquito populations by focusing inadequately on only one of these life stages. The Barefoot Mosquito Control System focuses on the eradication of all four life stages to achieve 90%+ eradication of the mosquito population on a property.
Our flea and tick prevention service takes advantage of the large service area covered by Barefoot's mosquito service, by adding a key ingredient to stop fleas and ticks from establishing themselves on a property. Even better, this key ingredient is not a pesticide and does not compromise the safety of pets or people on the property. The flea and tick prevention service is performed in conjunction with the mosquito service and is surprisingly inexpensive.
We became pest control experts long before we solved the problem of mosquitoes. In fact, it is precisely due to our expertise in pest habits, environments, and effective treatments that we were able to develop a successful approach to the mosquito problem. We entered the pest control industry in 1996 and have enjoyed decades of providing top-quality pest service to thousands of happy pest control customers.

Our highly rated pest control company has always prioritized using pesticides sparingly by addressing the real reasons pests are present on a property. We care about the environment and minimizing pesticide persistence in the soil, waterways, and local habitats.

Our Pest Control Service Covers: Ants; Fire ants; Raspberry Crazy Ants; Spiders; Earwigs; Mice; Rats; Silverfish; American Roaches; Scorpions
Rated Excellent (5 of 5) from 5 reviews
  Testimonial by Jill W.
Highly recommend! My daughter and I used to be swarmed by mosquitoes the second we walked outside, and now I haven't even seen one since our first treatment. We can sit outside and enjoy dinner or play in the backyard without being "bugged". We also got the flea treatment and they have disappeared as well. I will continue to tell everyone I know about BM!!!
  Testimonial by Vanessa Bucher
Barefoot Mosquito was the best voice we could have made! We had a dramatic decrease with mosquitos, and not only that but their flea and tick treatment made a huge difference, too. I had peace of mind knowing I was using natural ingredients in my yard and that my family and my pets were safe. I love the mild garlic smell. It smells like mom's cooking! Barefoot Mosquito has been very professional and reliable and they will continue to receive our business!
  Testimonial by Andy S.
We have used Barefoot Mosquito for the last two summers, and the service absolutely works. No mosquitoes. You need to have a few treatments for it to stay mosquito-free, but you will notice a night and day difference even with the first treatment. The guys always come to the door to make sure it is a good time to spray and get any specific instructions from you. Very professional team.
  Testimonial by Lindsey Cohan
We have really been pleased with the results from Barefoot Mosquito. We can finally sit outside in the evening without being eaten alive and also aren't worried about our one year old being exposed to intense chemicals. Highly recommend!
  Testimonial by Schroeder Sharon
This is the second year we have used Barefoot Mosquito.....thanks goodness for them! They are easy to work with and stand behind their service and product. Once or twice they have resprayed for no additional charge.....usually when it decided to rain the same day of the treatment. We've enjoyed our backyard with our grandkids so much more now that we don't have to treat those itchy bites!
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