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Alpha Termite
CALL ALPHA TERMITE FOR YOUR FREE TERMITE INSPECTION AT 310-844-0999 We are based in Los Angeles California, and serving all of Los Angeles county and surrounding areas. We provide professional Eco-Friendly and cost effective termite service, Our experienced technicians will handle any type of termite issues from single family house to commercial property. We provide only the most effective and proven service every time. Our priority Is to provide top quality service to our customers. ​We provide all types of termite control services using the least toxic yet most effective product on the market. ​We also use all the latest technology and techniques to ensure that your home is safe from termites. ​Our goal is not just to solve today's problems but to ensure a prevention any upcoming infestations.
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Phone Number (310) 844-0999
City Tarzana, CA
Zip Code 91356
Address 18375 Ventura Blvd
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Alpha Termite
Let us keep your investment safe. We provide professional Eco-Friendly and cost effective termite services. Our experienced technicians will handle any type of termite issues from single family house, commercial, and industrial properties. We provide only the most effective and proven service every time.
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If you have found evidence of termites, or if you just want to be positively sure that your home is termite-free, you can contact us for a free termite inspection at 310.844.0999 We use latest technology tools and techniques to ensure that your home is safe from termites. Our goal is not just to solve
Rated Excellent (5 of 5) from 11 reviews
  Testimonial by Susan Johns Geghard
Great service. Very easy to work with them compared to other termite companies, they didn't force any extra services. We were thinking to tent our house but Alpha termite took our needs into our consideration and were very genuine in telling us that we didn't need to tent and localized green treatment would be effective in our case and affordable than tenting. I'm very satisfied with their service. Going to refer them to my coworkers. Thank you Alpha Termite
  Testimonial by Scott Johnson
Being a contractor I am very pleased when the inspector showed up on time with a professional attitude. Because I don't wanna be embarrassed in front of my customer. We are happy to go forward with Alpha termite, out of four different termite companies recommendations, they all wanted to tent the house, and my customer like to do eco friendly non toxic treatment. Because he has 2 years old daughter and cat. I will definitely be using them again in future projects.
  Testimonial by Kris Ghad
I have nothing but great things to say about Alpha termite. They were very knowledgeable, efficient, pleasant and not to mention on time. On the day of the inspection they were able to identify the termite problem I had in my house and explain how they were going to treat it. They were able to schedule a treatment date right away. It was easy and quick. I will work with Alpha Termite again. I recommend Alpha Termite with no hesitation.
  Testimonial by Anna S.
Excellent at EVERYTHING! Would use them again in a heartbeat. We just sold our home, had one estimate with another company. We called Alpha Termite and inspector came out right away, beat the first estimate we had gotten. Customer service was fantastic. The work was better than I had expected.
  Testimonial by Alex Makinson
I was recommended to me by a friend and I really need their Ecofriendly service. After tenting by two different companies over the years, the termites still appearing in our house and good thing that problem was solved by Alpha termite . Their technicians were efficient and meticulous with work. Something I can honestly say that I am impressed with them. Definitely worth the time & money I spent. Good job Alpha.
  Testimonial by Robert Hopkins
Very professional company. The inspector was super professional and very honest. He gave me multiple options of treatment. We will be doing a full foam treatment next Wednesday. Definitely recommend these guys.
  Testimonial by Tom French
The inspector did a very thorough job during his inspection as well as writing up his report. His prices were by far more reasonable than the other quotes I received. Technician did a very nice job treating my house using eco friendly chemical . The inspector is very responsive via text or call, too. I'd highly recommend.
  Testimonial by Marry Jons
Great company! Made things fast, cheap, productive and easy! I would definitely recommend using them! Great company and customer service!
  Testimonial by Maria Hudsom
Best termite company out there. Quick appointment for an inspection. The inspector was very honest and straight to the point with competitive price quote he didn't sell me any unnecessary work like most other termite companies out there. He also gave me tips on what to look and how to avoid getting an infestation. The applicator was very professional. He did Eco-friendly treatment that we didn't have to move out of our house. My experience with Alpha termite was completely satisfactory. There are many companies that will treat your property, but knowing that you can "TRUST" your home to someone else makes all the difference in the world. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who has termite problems.
  Testimonial by Niko Tadevossian
I contacted Alpha Termite because I suspected termite damage. Inspector came to my house and sure enough I had termites. I have a 2 year old son and I did not want my son exposed to care harmful chemicals. Inspector offers treatments that are safe and efficient avoiding the stress of tenting and moving into a hotel for a few days. Reports are given when the inspection is done, and offers great prices on treatment options along with their guarantee. Highly recommend.
  Testimonial by Bart Lart
Great service and friendly. The inspector was very knowledgeable. The guy who applied the green pesticide was clean and professional made the process stress free.
I would hire this company again and recommend to my friends and family. Thank you Alpha Termite.
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