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AJ Southwest Pest Control provides affordable, full-service pest control for homes and businesses. If you're using organic gardening techniques, but still using harsh chemicals for pest control, you need to take a close look at the services we provide. We use plant oil extracts that are harmful to insects, but not to pets or people.

You can begin an organic program for your lawn any time during the year - and AJ Southwest Landscape Maintenance is here to help. We offer everything you need to nourish, strengthen, and maintain your lawn the natural way. Whether you want us to do it all, or you want to apply the organic products yourself, we're your single source.
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Contact Information
Phone Number (817) 232-2785
City Fort Worth, TX
Zip Code 76119
Address 5059 Martin Luther King Freeway
Products and Services
We offer customized pest management for all types of commercial properties - from small retail stores to large food processing plants. We provide an absolutely comprehensive inspection to identify problems and provide solutions. We use every possible method - including sanitation recommendations and all-natural products - to keep chemical applications to a minimum. We provide on-going monitoring and maintenance, including proper documentation for clients and regulatory agencies, helping to relieve the anxiety and aggravation during inspections or audits.
Rats and mice tend to be nocturnal creatures, which means they actively forage for food at night and sleep during the day. Squirrels are diurnal, the opposite of rodents. They sleep at night and look for food in the daytime. Both of these critters love to make nests in attics during the winter when it is cold. If you're hearing noises at night, it is most likely rodents.
One call to AJ Southwest can take care of all of your fire ant problems - the natural way! Fire ants live in huge colonies that are not affected by normal spraying or cheap granules, and killing the queen is the only way to eliminate the colonies.
Key People
Joe Lanford
Joe Lanford
AJ Southwest introduces our newest team member, Joe Lanford. Joe has been a certified applicator in the State of Texas since 2002. He has 8 years of residential and 5 years of commercial pest control experience. Joe has treated inspected facilities that are over seen by the American Institute of Baking.
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