Affordable Pest Control Muncie, IN

Rated Excellent
Rated Excellent from 6 reviews
Affordable Pest Control is one of the best family-owned and operated pest control companies in the Indiana. We have pest control and customer service down to a science, and we know you'll appreciate the results. CALL (765) 294-1973 FOR YOUR FREE ESTIMATE TODAY
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Phone Number (765) 294-1973
City Muncie, IN
Zip Code 47302
Address 1703 E 14th St
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Reviews and Testimonials
Rated Excellent (5 of 5) from 6 reviews
  Testimonial by James McGee
Best pest control company in Muncie IMO. Will definitely continue to use them seasonally.
  Testimonial by Annie Evans
Price wasn't bad, will use them again.
  Testimonial by Jozef Nodin
When our tenet moved out, he left roaches...After a few treatments from affordable pest control, we didn't see any of those disgusting creatures again. Thanks Ben!
  Testimonial by Legros Samual
Will use again if we see another spider!
  Highly recommend!
by Jo Daugherty
Sep 09, 2020
Every year we see a couple of mice when the weather begins to change. Not since we started using affordable pest control. Their technician Ben is a great exterminator and very knowledgeable. He was able to answer all of our questions about the rodents and like I said, we haven't seen them in our kitchen, walls, or droppings anywhere.
I recommend this business
by Corbie Narry
Sep 02, 2020
They got rid of the hornets nest in our soffit within an hour of us calling. Thanks to Ben and his team.
I recommend this business
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