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Living in South Florida has its Advantages: Sunshine, tropical climate, beautiful beaches and the Florida Everglades combine to create a tropical paradise. If you want to prevent or eliminate unwanted pests from your home, you have come to the right place. Our trained technicians will provide an advanced treatment while using the most environmentally friendly methods available. With over two decades of experience in Florida, we know where the pests hide and how to prevent or eliminate them from invading your home and environment. If you have seen bugs or the thought of bugs encroaching on your home or business " BUGS" you, call Advantage today!

Our pest control service consists of quarterly, bi-monthly or monthly treatments depending on the program of choice. Of course, if a problem persists after one of our regular scheduled treatments, we will come back at no cost to you. Once the initial treatment is completed the technician's primary focus will be in the form of pest prevention. The technician will establish an exterior perimeter barrier around the structure which will be maintained as part of your regular scheduled service. Barrier treatments assist us in preventing the invasion of unhealthy and unwanted pests into your home or business.
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Whiteflies are creating havoc on ficus trees and shrubs throughout Central and South Florida and especially in the Florida Keys. These pests have caused significant and costly damage. A new possibly more problematic Whitefly called the Rugose Spiraling Whitefly are targeting all varieties of palms (especially coconut), gumbo limbo and avocado. Tree removal and replacement could cost you thousands of dollars. We can help! Don't fall victim. Our expert technicians will inspect your property thoroughly and advise a treatment and prevention program. Call us today.
Our beautiful tropical weather is a perfect climate and habitat which supports various termite species. Some species are airborne and some blindly forage in the soil beneath and around your home. Advantage will be glad to inspect and evaluate your home, providing you with a complete inspection summary that suggests an appropriate treatment or preventative program. Let us provide you with a competitive quote with no obligation. Advantage has been a leader in Florida for both treatment and prevention for over 20 years. Our customer base consists of many loyal customers who have been a part of the Advantage family for nearly two decades.
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