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We provide complete pest, termite and rodent control and lawn care services. Our service is hassle free and guaranteed by our 100% money back guarantee. We are well established as we have serviced thousands of satisfied clients in North Dallas County and Collin County areas. Our approach to pest, rodent and termite control is unique in that we can typically control these pest from the exterior of the structure.
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Phone Number (214) 821-1137
City Frisco, TX
Zip Code 75034
Address 9744 Hickory St
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  • Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau
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Raccoons are incredibly resourceful creatures. They can survive in nearly any environment and will eat just about anything they get their paws on. From city to country, and sea to shining sea, these little critters can be a headache for any homeowner.
They are interesting and unique creatures. They are the only marsupials located in North America. Being a marsupial, the female opossum carries its young (up to 13 at a time) in a pouch on their belly. Occasionally they're seen hanging from their tail, they're well known for "playing possum". As a defense mechanism, they will pretend to be dead to fend off predators.
They are known to be social insects in colonies that can number into the thousands. Colonies started by a single queen early in spring, typically stay small for the first couple months, growing gradually. Midway through summer, a colony of wasps located on or near a household will surely become an irritation.
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