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We take great pride in our work, and want every customer to be satisfied. Although wildlife control can be unpredictable and variable work (you never know just how those critters are going to behave) we can always solve the problem through advanced techniques and persistence. If you've got wildlife living in your home or building, we do everything necessary to remove the animals and keep them out for good.

We possess an excellent understanding of animal behavior and of building architecture, and excel at critter-proofing your home or building to keep future animals out for good. We offer a guarantee on all of our wildlife control repairs, and if any new animal is able to defeat them and gain access to your home, we will remedy the problem free of charge. We want you to be satisfied, and confident that the work we've done will keep your home safe and 100% wildlife-proofed now and into the future.
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When animals live in your attic, they leave behind all that goes with wild animals: feces, urine, parasites, body oils, and debris. This matter not only smells bad, it can lure in new wildlife, and it can even pose a health risk to the people in your home or building. Depending on the level of wildlife contamination, you may need attic restoration. Even if you don't smell a bad smell coming from the attic, it doesn't mean it's not contaminated or that it doesn't have parasites. We will inspect your attic, show you photos, and let you know if attic cleanup is necessary.
We are trained expert wildlife trappers in the state of Washington. This does not mean that we are redneck fur trappers - we are licensed and professional nuisance wildlife trapping experts. A lot of experience counts in order to successfully trap the target nuisance animals. If you've got a raccoon living in your attic, are you going to slap a rickety trap somewhere on the ground, the wrong size, pan sensitivity, bait, location, and a host of other incorrect factors, or are you going to mount a professional trap right on the hole in the roof with the proper attention to scent & sunlight factors and a whole other host of small details that only a professional knows? Trapping is not a simple matter of dropping a cage on the ground.
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